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Chamomile German

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Common German Chamomile produces tiny daisy-like flowers that smell like apples. It can be used for a relaxing fine flavoured tea that can be enjoyed during the winter months beside the crackling fireplace while reading a good book.

German chamomile, the variety preferred for making tea, originates in southern and eastern Europe; it has a distinctive apple/pineapple-like scent. Ancient authorities such as Hippocrates and Galen wrote of the medical benefits of chamomile, and it remains a popular and effective herbal remedy in modern times. As a tea or infusion, chamomile gives a feeling of relaxation and drowsiness, making it an excellent treatment for insomnia or anxiety. Because of the herb’s antiseptic, anti-inflammatory properties, skin preparations including chamomile benefit conditions such as eczema, rashes, or insect bites. The dried flowers and leaves also make a sweet-scented addition to sachets or potpourri.

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